Sunday, March 17, 2013

168 to 174 Mercer St at Monmouth St


This building on 168 to 174 Mercer Street in downtown Jersey City is another photo example, in addition to this and this, that shows burnt out and boarded up buildings that were obtained by the city of Jersey City - some were torn down and replaced while others were saved.

The ones pictured above were amongst the lucky ones...

Picture Credits
The old pictures comes from Library of Congress' extensive catalog of historic documents.

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  1. that small little building at the extreme left was a theatre at one time.Have a seat from it. Would have taken more but the police came and we had to leave.

    1. That's a funny story - am glad you could save something before the building was demolished.

      Here are two pictures from the 70s of that building:

      Do you have any more information about it / story behind it?