Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Newark Ave at Henderson St (Marin Blvd) looking Westward


The old photo is taken from Henderson St (nowadays called Marin Blvd) looking west on Newark Ave towards Grove Street. Based on the cars and buses, I think that it's from the early 1950s.

None of the buildings in the foreground of the old photo stand today. Newark Avenue does not even extend to where it runs in the old photo. It has been shortened, so that it ends at Grove St, instead of continuing all the way to Montgomery Street, a couple of blocks behind the photographer that took the old picture.

This makes it a little bit hard to see what actually remains the same, and to get oriented in the old picture. Below I have blown up the center part of the old photo and highlighted four buildings in red that are still standing today and can (barely) be seen in both photos.

The building on the far left has advertising for Mullin's painted on the side (though only 'ins' is visible). This store started out as a furniture shop - but at the time of the photo it seems as if they were selling clothing. The ground floor of that building is currently housing 'Word' bookstore and 'Roman Nose' restaurant.

The buildings in the foreground were demolished in stages between the 1950s and 2005. The elevated railroad tracks that ran over Railroad Avenue (now called Columbus) served the Pennsylvania Railroad Terminal at Exchange Place. The tracks were removed in the 1970s. Here ( is a picture showing the demolition in progress. You may need to copy the url and paste into the browser as flickr does not seem to play nice with links.


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Both old and new photos are from my private collection.

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