Sunday, February 17, 2013

Newark Ave at Grove St (Grove Pointe)

The old picture is from circa 1900. At that point the building on the north east corner of Newark and Grove (the building in the foreground of the picture) was a Drake Business College.

The old pictures has so many interesting details and activities going on - street vendors, horse drawn carriages, 'old school' merchandising in glass cabinets outside the stores, etc.

At that point there was an extensive trolley system in place in Jersey City - at the time of the picture they were horse drawn, but a switch was later (c:a 1910, I believe) made to electric trolleys.

The sign on the building behind the trolley is advertising toys - there also seems as if there is a larger than life sized statue of something that looks like Santa on top of the canopy. On the furthermost building in the picture there is a mural advertising Omega Oil.

Some of these buildings were torn down when Grove Point was built, while others had been demolished long before.

Picture Credits
The old picture is from Jersey City Free Public Library's great collection of historic pictures in the New Jersey Room at the main branch.

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