Wednesday, January 23, 2013

City Hall


City Hall used to be much taller than the nearby buildings. Actually City Hall itself, used to be taller than it is today - the copulas were taken down some time after WWII. The combination of lower surrounding buildings and that it used to be taller, made City Hall look a bit more prominent than it does today.

Today the the Mack-Cali building at Christoper Columbus Avenue dominates City Hall's backdrop.

Maybe slightly off-topic, but the Mack-Cali building happens to be one of my least favorite buildings in downtown Jersey City - it is just a tall concrete bunker. It does not have any kind of retail / commercial space towards Christoper Columbus. That also creates a dead zone, in what could have been a lively street corner filled with amenities. Instead there is a parking garage - a waste of prime location.

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